Holiday Displays Around the World


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This year has been amazing and we’ve been so lucky to have met so many wonderful people and to have experienced such an array of cultural and ceremonial traditions with influences found across the globe.

So this week we’d like to take a moment to show how those near and far are decorating for the holiday season. From iconic cities to hidden treasures and even a little something from our own backyard!

Holiday Decor

1) Just walking through Florence, Italy sounds like a fairytale, so just imagine taking a stroll during the holiday season.

2) Can’t get enough of the classic red bow? In London the Cartier House takes it to another level by wrapping the entire building.

3) In Tokyo, this spectacular holiday display features a light tunnel that goes as far as the eye can see.

4) Beautiful bouquet ornaments adorn this towering Pennsylvania based tree.

5) Check out this whimsical take on traditional ornaments with a tree featuring colorful Peruvian handcrafts.

6) A gorgeous firework spectacular rings in the season in Rio.

7) The world’s largest candle is unveiled every holiday season in Schlitz, Germany.

8) While Southern California may not see much in the way of holiday snow, there is certainly no shortage of lights at the Newport Beach Boat Parade.

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Stylist, Event Planner & Event Designer

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Branch out this Thanksgiving


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With the leaves falling, we can admire some of the branches, berries, twigs and vines that might otherwise go unnoticed. Added in their natural form, twisted to your choosing, or cascading down your table, these beautiful pieces can add a relaxed and carefree charm to your Thanksgiving dinner table, mantle or wall.

It’s a Wrap: Perhaps you have a few pumpkins lying around from Halloween, or you can snag a few white and green gourds during a last minute grocery run. Wrap and twist a few vines or thin twigs around and voila!
Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Let it Be: Sometimes the best part of using these elements, are their natural curves and bends. Simply place them in a vase and let them shine.
Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Trim the Tree: Who says trimming the tree is only for Christmas? Add festive votive candles or notes of thanks to found branches and create a tree that’s perfect for late November.
Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Twists and Turns: Twist the vines or twigs into a simple wreath or hanging piece. Adding wintery touches such as pinecones and berries can extend the life well beyond Fall.
Thanksgiving Centerpieces

If you’re looking for some great branches, twigs, and vines check out the following:

Manzanita Branches: Sturdy and great for hanging candles, cards and more.
Pumpkin branch & Ilex berries: Perfect as standalone vase features.
Honeysuckle, Smilax & Jasmine Vines: You can twist to your hearts content!
Grapevine & Angel Hair Vine: Naturally dried and great for filler or accents.

Here’s to branching out this Thanksgiving!

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Stylist, Event Planner & Event Designer

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3 Wedding Trends For 2014 & The Gowns That Inspired Them


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When it comes to weddings, it is definitely all about the details. So many details in fact that it can be downright overwhelming. The venue, the date, the dress — it’s just the start. But wait just a second and take a nice deep breath. That dress could be the solution to all your problems! After all, what better place to look for inspiration then the gowns of 2014? In fact, we’ll show you how your gorgeous gown can inspire your entire fete!

No. 1 :: Pretty in Pink
Vera Wang’s Fall 2014 Collection featured nothing but pink. And we’re not talking about barely there blush. We’re talking lovely shades of petal, rose and peony. So think pink for everything from ceremony to centerpieces and linens to lighting.
Pink Wedding Gown
No. 2 :: Lovely in Lace
With long and lovely lace sleeves making a comeback, why not let lace add a consistent thread throughout your big day? Perfect as a delicate wrap at the base of your bouquet, dainty in the form of doilies along the table and jaw dropping as cake decor.
Long Lace Sleeves
No. 3 :: Vintage Glam
Long slender gowns with beautiful embellishments, romantic cap sleeves and plunging backs are here to stay. Up that glamour quotient with silvery sequined linens, a decadently deco cake and vintage vanity and letter box guestbook station.
Vintage Glam Wedding Gown

Your wedding dress is destined to make you feel beautiful inside and out, but who knew it would solve all your wedding worries too?

Emily Louise and the LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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5 Fresh and Easy Takes on the Traditional Cornucopia


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The cornucopia is perhaps the most recognized element of the Thanksgiving tablescape. But who says traditions can’t evolve with the times? So, why not reinvent the traditional cornucopia and make it your own?

Splash of Paint
You’d be surprised what a little dab of metallic or frosted white spray paint can do to add a little flair.
Painted Cornucopia
Repurpose and Reuse
The cornucopia shape is a basic cone with a curved lip; why not try other cone shaped pieces such as old tin funnels or household items like bowls?
Repurposed Cornupcopia
Culinary Cues
Why not do double duty and take a creative and culinary take using pastry dough or waffle cones?
Culinary Cornucopia
Au Naturale
Wrap or embellish your cornucopia in straw, raffia, or natural woven materials such as burlap or linen.
Natural Cornuco
Appeal to the Senses
Try unexpected hues of red and purple with apples, cranberries, grapes and figs. Create texture and dimension with beautiful blooms such as dahlias and flowering kale. Add delicious scents with holiday spices such as cinnamon, cloves or star anise.
And on that note, our LGY team wishes you a happy and healthy November!

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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The Fashion, Event, Interior Connection

Hello, everyone! It’s Mari here with a guest post from Arcadian Home blog. It’s a wonderful place to find interior design inspiration including great decorating ideas for everything from beautiful folding screens to stylish and colorful tabletop decor.

Today’s post is all about the connection between event styling, fashion and interior design. I live in the world of interiors, while Louise Georges Yves is all about events. Those two meet, along with fashion, in the realm of color. Gorgeous color, from pale to dramatic, weaves together these three worlds. From the runway to the event venue to the design showroom thereís a common thread of color from season to season and year to year. For your inspiration, I’ve pulled together eight images that for me perfectly illustrate this color intersection with glamorous gowns, beautiful design elements and gorgeous floral arrangements. Please enjoy!

~ Mari

Event Connection

This fabulous dress is from Rani Zakhem Haute Couture Fall/Winter 2013/14 Collection. The designer seems to have merged hues from one end of the color spectrum to the other, including pinks from the softest of shades to deep rosy tones and a few rusty undertones.

Event Connection

Against a lovely background of greens, this arrangement blends those pale pink and yellow tones with dark rose hues and a few touches of rust. Notice there is one tiny nod to the black seen in the gown above. How perfect is this color palette for fall?

Event Connection

Just as the table decor in the previous image shows off the beauty of white and neutral tones, so does this living room. A lovely array of pinks and rusty browns breathe color into the space. Black pieces are pulled into the room here and there.

Event Connection

Again, this lovely celebration tablescape includes all those appealing pinks, yellows and slightly rusty hues along with black accents.

Event Connection

Going paler, but in many of the same hues, is this feminine design from the Spring/Summer 2013 Collection of Alexis Mabille. From ivory lace to gold and subtle rust tulle, this pale gown is a stunning vision of fashion.

Event Connection

This beautiful tablescape seems to mimic the colors and horizontal lines of the Mabille gown.

Event Connection

This collection of home accessories blends all the glorious hues from the other images we’ve featured today. Did you notice the pale green and rosy colors seen in the Zakhem floral gown in the first image? Isn’t this a lovely fall-inspired look that’s decidedly feminine? On a little side note, I’ve totally fallen for that amber glass pendant light.

Event Connection

Lastly, here’s a beautiful fall arrangement that pulls together all these gorgeous pinks, creams and rusts with a bit of green and deep rose on the leaves.

We hope you enjoyed our little visual tour of the fashion, event and interior color connection! Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these fashion and event inspired interiors? Leave your comments below and drop by our blog for more mini pendant lighting, home decor, and interior looks!

The 3 Elements of El Dia De Los Muertos Design


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So perhaps you spotted a few skeletons during you Halloween festivities and let’s hope they were of the costumed variety. But today marks the start of another holiday known for it’s beautifully macabre images and depictions of skulls and skeletons.

El Dia De Los Muertos or The Day of the Dead is a two day celebration that begins on November 1st and ends on November 2nd. It involves commemorating loved ones that have passed with exuberant altars full of bright festive colors, intricate preparation of traditional food such as candied skulls, and ingenious decor and body painting involving skeletal figures.

Let’s take a look at the three primary aspects of El Dia De Los Muertos festivities.

1) Skulls :: historically kept as trophies and used in religious and cultural rituals, skulls and skeletons inspire everything from festival decor to personal dress.
El Dia De Los Muertos Design
2) Altars :: made in respect of the dead, these altars showcase an eclectic array of what the person loved. The personal mementos, beautiful blooms and delectable fruit are the perfect inspiration for your next centerpiece.
El Dia De Los Muertos Design
3) Vibrant Color :: from gorgeous flowers to beautiful tissue creations and traditional Mexican decor, the color inspiration is anything but black and white.
El Dia De Los Muertos Colors

Growing in popularity, the holiday is inspiring stateside parties, Halloween costumes and even weddings! Check out some of these gorgeous event images inspired by the traditions and customs of El Dia De Los Muertos. Beautiful tissue flowers, technicolor blankets, wedding banners, a gilded skeleton and beautiful blooms.
El Dia De Los Muertos Wedding

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Stylist, Event Planner & Event Designer

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5 Ideas for DIY Dried Flowers


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Wouldn’t it be wonderful if fresh flowers would last forever? But, alas it is just not the case. So we’ve compiled a wonderful array of ways you can give those flowers life after the vase!

No. 1 :: Air Freshener & Sachets
Fragrant flowers, herbs, and fruits can create a wonderful air freshener that can revitalize any room in the house.
Fragrant Sachet






No. 2 :: Wreaths
Dried flowers, fruits and leaves can be arranged into wonderful wreathes from widely textured to classically compact.
Dried Flower Wreaths






No. 3 :: Vintage Vessels
Bright blooms in vintage bottle are so eclectic, muted pods in a vintage tea cup are surprisingly feminine, and funky thistle is ultra modern when displayed in a clay pot.
Vessels & Vases

No. 4 :: Beautiful Bundles & Gorgeous Groupings
Yummy smelling herbs, funky poppy pods and assorted blooms make for several simply stunning displays.
Bundles & Groupings

No. 5 :: Wedding Decor
Dried flowers add an antique air. From boutonnieres, to the centerpieces, to the bride’s bouquet — so many possibilities.
Dried Flower Wedding Decor

Here are a few tips to get the best drying results!
1) Strip leaves as they can retain moisture and slow the process.
2) Separate flowers into like groupings.
3) Stagger heads to prevent mildew that can arise if flowers are too close.
4) Tightly bundle flowers with twine or rubber bands.
5) Hang upside down with buds facing the ground.

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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Orange Flowers :: The Fresh & The Funky


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Orange is just about everywhere this time of year, but somehow we never tire of it. Pumpkins galore, fall’s changing leaves and of course awesome orange blooms!

And whether you fancy yourself a tad traditional or ultra unconventional, our Louise Georges Yves curated list has you covered — from reliable go-to’s to the wonderfully unexpected.

If full blooms and tons of petals are your fancy check out these:
Full Orange Flowers
(From left to right: Orange Sunflowers, Dahlias & Marigolds)

If you’re going for the unexpected why not try one of these funky alternatives.
Unexpected Orange Flowers
(From left Chinese Lantern, Billy Buttons & Pincushion Protea)

If you’re seeking unique shapes and texture, give one of these a go.
Unique Orange Flowers
(From left Parrot Tulip, Coxcomb Celosia & Crown Imperial)

Lastly, check out these classic florist go-to’s!
Classic Orange Flowers
(From left Gerbera Daisies, Chrysanthemums & Roses)

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

Pictures courtesy of Sunset Magazine, Flicker, Afloral, Walcool, Floral Review, Blooming Bulb, My Inspired Wedding, Pixabay, Deviant Art, BHG & Home Nursery

Celebrity Wedding Style


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Recent Hollywood proposals have our creative juices flowing and we can’t wait to see what these gorgeous gals and dapper dudes have in store. But as with all good things we must wait, so here are our bets on their celebrity wedding styles.

Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, Scarlet Johansson, apparently has her eyes set on a romantic French wedding. We’re imagining a beautiful French chateau as the backdrop, a fabulous French designed gown and sultry blooms in burgundy and eggplant hues with draping green foliage. Her fiance, Roman Dauriac and her delicate Art Deco ring will both be right at home.
Scarlett & Roman

Big Bang Theory’s Kaley Cuoco just got engaged to tennis star Ryan Sweeting. And we’ve seen her rock everything from hollywood glam to equestrian chic. And despite a freak riding accident back in 2010, this gal still has a serious sweet spot for horses. So why not pair their passions with a racket carrying bridal party, a serene stable setting and decor inspired by their other loves.
Kaley & Ryan

Reports of America’s sweetheart, Jennifer Anniston, suggest that she and fiance Justin Theroux will marry at their gorgeous Bel Air estate among close friends and family. Much like her stunning solitaire; her style is always effortless and suggests a wedding filled with clean, classically elegant elements. A dress by one of her favorites, Vivienne Westwood, a bouquet of ruffly white peonies, centerpieces of white orchids and hydrangea and oodles of candles.
Jennifer & Justin

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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A Touch of Tweed


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There’s nothing like the start of fall and some Paris Fashion Week Chanel to firmly plant thoughts of tweed in one’s mind. Wedding aisle runners, chiavari chair caps, napkins, bouquet ribbon wraps. Great Scots, the possibilities are endless!

So let’s toss out the linen and lace and see what this perfectly, imperfect twill has up it’s sleeves — pun intended.
touch of tweed

A gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana gown via, darling diy bunting from, invitation suite from, an adorable ring bearer thanks to, tweed trimmed wreath from and a rustic runner from

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist