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Valentine’s Day can be a tricky one — is your special someone expecting a grand gesture or perhaps just a small show of your big time love? And honestly, it can be tough to find a great Valentine’s Day gift for guys.

The poor guys get a lot of pressure to get us gals something, but what about something for them? Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few easy DIY suggestions and some cute gift alternatives that your guy is sure to love.

1) What guy doesn’t like beer? Whether it’s custom beer mugs, candles, or even this cool take on a lamp, he’s sure to appreciate the sentiment.







2) For the stylish guy in your life, how about a handmade bow ties or some snazzy suspenders? Or if you’re crafty, how about transforming out of date wider ties into the trendier skinny ties?






3) If you’re feeling creative and have a little time on your hands, how about a a notebook filled with pre-planned date and adventures so you’ll never be stumped on what to do. I’m going this route with a “Sun, Moon & Stars” themed adventure that I’ll be sure to blog about.









4) And for the last minute gift giver, how about a custom gift box? You could make your own or select from some awesome pre-made options like a tasty root beer float in a box or a pampering grooming kit.








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