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To show our support for the 2014 Winter Olympics host city and the amazing athletes who will be gracing the world’s stage, we’ve compiled our thoughts for chic Sochi inspired event design — be it a festive twist for your at home watching party or a Russian inspired prazdnovaniye.

Drawing from Russian folklore, the gorgeous Olympic patchwork quilt designed by BOSCO is meant to symbolize Russian unity while also paying homage to the diversity in local traditions, songs and crafts found throughout the country’s 89 regions. The color palette and textures are phenomenal, and we chose to draw our inspiration from the bright colors, delicate florals and ornamental details it reflects.
Olympic Quilt

Russian folklore and design is full of bright colors and beautiful prints. Inspired by the wood painting style, Khokhloma, these wonderful elements will bring a touch of Russian artistry to your next occasion.

Bright yet delicate floral is another trademark element. Whether its fresh flowers, embroidery or your own personal attire, look to this beautiful design detail for upcoming spring parties and weddings.
Russia is perhaps best know for it’s gorgeously ornamented trinkets and tableware. Whether it’s beautiful Matryoshka dolls, gorgeous Gzhel ceramics or Zhostovo Tea Trays, these decorative artifacts lend themselves to a variety of color palette and design styles.
Sochi_Event.006We take our fur lined ushankas off to the Russians and we can’t wait to tune in and see what is in store on the world’s stage.

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Louise Georges Yves
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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