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With the leaves falling, we can admire some of the branches, berries, twigs and vines that might otherwise go unnoticed. Added in their natural form, twisted to your choosing, or cascading down your table, these beautiful pieces can add a relaxed and carefree charm to your Thanksgiving dinner table, mantle or wall.

It’s a Wrap: Perhaps you have a few pumpkins lying around from Halloween, or you can snag a few white and green gourds during a last minute grocery run. Wrap and twist a few vines or thin twigs around and voila!
Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Let it Be: Sometimes the best part of using these elements, are their natural curves and bends. Simply place them in a vase and let them shine.
Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Trim the Tree: Who says trimming the tree is only for Christmas? Add festive votive candles or notes of thanks to found branches and create a tree that’s perfect for late November.
Thanksgiving Centerpieces
Twists and Turns: Twist the vines or twigs into a simple wreath or hanging piece. Adding wintery touches such as pinecones and berries can extend the life well beyond Fall.
Thanksgiving Centerpieces

If you’re looking for some great branches, twigs, and vines check out the following:

Manzanita Branches: Sturdy and great for hanging candles, cards and more.
Pumpkin branch & Ilex berries: Perfect as standalone vase features.
Honeysuckle, Smilax & Jasmine Vines: You can twist to your hearts content!
Grapevine & Angel Hair Vine: Naturally dried and great for filler or accents.

Here’s to branching out this Thanksgiving!

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Stylist, Event Planner & Event Designer

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