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The cornucopia is perhaps the most recognized element of the Thanksgiving tablescape. But who says traditions can’t evolve with the times? So, why not reinvent the traditional cornucopia and make it your own?

Splash of Paint
You’d be surprised what a little dab of metallic or frosted white spray paint can do to add a little flair.
Painted Cornucopia
Repurpose and Reuse
The cornucopia shape is a basic cone with a curved lip; why not try other cone shaped pieces such as old tin funnels or household items like bowls?
Repurposed Cornupcopia
Culinary Cues
Why not do double duty and take a creative and culinary take using pastry dough or waffle cones?
Culinary Cornucopia
Au Naturale
Wrap or embellish your cornucopia in straw, raffia, or natural woven materials such as burlap or linen.
Natural Cornuco
Appeal to the Senses
Try unexpected hues of red and purple with apples, cranberries, grapes and figs. Create texture and dimension with beautiful blooms such as dahlias and flowering kale. Add delicious scents with holiday spices such as cinnamon, cloves or star anise.
And on that note, our LGY team wishes you a happy and healthy November!

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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