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There is just no such thing as too much candlelight and it’s one of the most economical ways to transform an event space.

So why not check out these unconventional candle holders for some event design inspiration?

Creative Candle Holders

1) Get a natural glow with these organic displays.

2) Who says tiered stands can only be used for dessert?

3) Nestle candles among dried goods such as beans, berries, rice or seeds.

4) Fill a Bundt tin with water, foliage and flowers and freeze!

And a few faves from our Louise Georges Yves styled events.


Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Design, Event Planner & Event Stylist

Images courtesy of http://yesbride.com, http://www.etsy.com/shop/WorleysLighting, http://norskeinteriorblogger.blogspot.com, http://nnekasaran.blogspot.com, http://shabbynest.blogspot.com, http://leschosesdemarie.blogspot.com and http://www.astridmueller.com