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F. Scott Fitzgerald’s l The Great Gatsby came out in theaters last week with great press and reviews. The cherished novel brought to life the glamor and classic elegance of the roaring 20s. With beautiful flapper dresses, dapper men, and quintessential music it makes us all want to go back and relive the time period ourselves. And we just loved how the music, costumes, and effects took the classic Gatsby and gave it a modern twist.

So here are our thoughts on how you can get the Gatsby look for a lavish summer party, intimate bridal shower or maybe just a night out on the town.

The Attire
With elegant detailing, fun head pieces, and flapper dresses to go around, try these Gatsby inspired numbers on for size.

Gatsby Attire






The Scene
Nothing says Gatsby like champagne, pearls, feathers and art deco details…

gatsby decor





The Music
Don’t forget the music, after all the Jazz Era was what defined this classic time. George Gershwin, Louie Armstrong or Irving Berlin will help you put on the ritz!

Gatsby Sounds





Emily Louise