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I’ve been working on a number of proposals for some gorgeous Indian brides-to-be and these fetes just have to be some of the most inspiring events to work on, hands down. The color palettes are simply amazing and the couples are so open to not only hearing about, but also trying new and creative approaches to decor.

One of my favorite aspects of these multi-day celebrations is the creation of the wedding mandap — the sometimes simple and oftentimes elaborate structures under which most of the wedding ceremony takes place.

Historically, the mandap was a wooden structure; however families are often open to exploring the use of new materials to create this symbolic element of Hindu and Jain wedding ceremonies.

I leave you with some marvelously modern interpretations of the mandap.

Modern Mandap Designs

Modern Mandap Designs

Image credits from 1 – 6 to Pinterest, Global Photography, Kate Byers Photography, Kehoe Designs, A Bryan Photo, Sheer Romance & Louise Georges Yves


Emily Louise