Mother’s Day Gift DIY :: Cigar Box Gift Box


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I’m about to head to the airport to pick up my super fab mom and figured it was the perfect time to do a quick, but thoughtful DIY gift post for any of you who are scrambling for a thoughtful gift. Just follow this simple DIY to create a simple gift that is both thoughtful and easy to do!

What you’ll need:

Cigar Boxes :: Specialty cigar stores give these beautiful boxes away for free or you can check out your local goodwill or vintage flea market.

Potted Plant :: Select one of her favorites such as succulents, herbs, her favorite flower, or even a vegetable plant.

Something to Pamper: Choose items such as artisan soaps, specialty lip balm, scented candles or bath products that your mom will surely appreciate.

What you’ll do:

Mothers Day DIY









1) Clean out your cigar box and remove labels. You can dust off excess dirt with a paint brush and use a wood specific cleaner or stain to add some shine.

2) Place the potted plant inside the cigar box taking into account plastic lining or a tray should the pot have draining holes. Succulents are low maintenance and great for busy moms, herbs and vegetable plants are perfect for mom who love to cook, or a favorite flower like a petite orchid cant add the perfect personal touch.

3) Strategically place additional gift items, such as soaps or candles, around the plant. This is your chance to to make the gift tailored to her, so get creative!

4) Lastly, wrap the gift with some ribbon or twine and a personal card.

On behalf of the LGY Team, Happy Mother’s Day!

Emily & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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Vases That Are Anything But Ordinary


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Floral design most certainly revolves around mother nature’s beautiful blooms, but our canvas is most definitely the perfect vase. And here are just a few that are serious works of art in and of themselves.

Metallic Edge
Mercury glass is all the rave, but these more modern takes on metallic sure do pack a punch.
Metallic Vases
Material Mix
Glass, resin and even leather gives a modern twist to these natural wood vessels.
Wooden Vases
Clear Components
Unique textures and unexpected shapes make these glass vases anything but ordinary.
Glass Vases
Color Wheel
Go for the unexpected with bold hued vessels or a gradient approach with various shapes and sizes that create an awesome ombre effect.
Colorful Vases

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Louise Georges Yves
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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Spring Bridal Showers the Bride Will Love


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With spring weddings officially in full swing and summer nuptials just around the corner, plenty of brides-to-be will be celebrated at showers hosted by their nearest dearest. Here are a few themes that are a perfectly personal way to show your guest of honor how much you care.

Ode to the Outdoors
If your bride-to-be is a fan of hiking, running and the great outdoors, why not create a nature inspired event. You’ll be sure to please with farm fresh meals, a picnic style get together and an inspiring outdoors locale.
Nature Inspired Shower





Culinary Chic
If your bride, loves to cook, why not center it on the craft she knows best. Let the guests and the lady of the hour interact with creative food stations and cocktail bars. Guests can come prepared with special recipes to pass along and event design can incorporate cute kitchen essentials, as well as, fresh fruits and vegetables.
Culinary Inspired Shower




Pop Goes the Culture
If your brides knows her movies, pop culture, or music, involve those elements into the party such as film role candle holders, glittery linens and elegant champagne glasses. Host a screening of her favorite movie and serve popcorn and retro candies.
Pop Culture Inspired Shower




Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Louise Georges Yves
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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Oscars Inspired Event Design :: In the Nude


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One of our favorite trends from our top trends in Oscars Fashion were the gorgeous, shimmery neutrals donned by many a leading lady. So, let’s take a look at how this trend translates to the world of wedding and event design.

Fabric & Lighting
Oscars Inspired Lighting & Draping
To achieve the effortless drape and subtle shimmer of those beautiful nude gowns, we would create a similar atmosphere by draping beautiful lightweight chiffon accented by crystal bedecked chandeliers. The drape adds the soft neutral touch and the sparkling chandeliers add just a touch of shimmer.

Oscars Inspired Linens
Try overlapping tonal lace over shimmery nude tablecloths for a feminine look with a subtle sheen. Or if you’re looking for a bit more oomph, gorgeous nude sequins add serious glam. And draping chiffon in beautiful neutral hues is an elegant and timeless choice.

Floral & Decor
Oscars Inspired Floral & Decor
By combining different materials you will achieve the perfect combination of refinement with just a hint of glam. We suggest fabric wrapped vessels filled with beautiful ivory and pale blush blooms accented by ornamental pieces such as metallic candle holders or perhaps bright white floral to add a beautiful pop against an otherwise nude palette.

Emily & The LGY Team
Louise Georges Yves
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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Top Trends in Oscars Fashion


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Last night’s Academy Awards delivered inspiring speeches, a showcase of truly amazing films and some standout selfies, but not surprisingly, one of our favorite parts of the 2014 Oscars was the fashion. It’s not just about showcasing who wore it best, but uncovering the trends that rocked the red carpet. And this year it was Hollywood Glamour at it’s best.

Take the Plunge

Deep V Necks







Deep V Stunners were present all over the red carpet. This dramatic, yet simple detail took some of our favorite dresses from simply beautiful to stunning. Check out Lupita’s beautiful blue number, Charlize Theron’s deep sweat heart neckline and Kate Hudson’s plunging show stopper.

In the Nude

Nude Oscar Gowns

Rather than opting for brighter pops of color, many celebrities dawned beautiful nudes with encrusted jewels, sequins and beading. Absolutely jaw dropping.

Black & Blue

Navy & Black Oscar Gowns

Along with the lovely muted tones, daring black and deep navy dominated the red carpet. The result is a truly timeless elegance.

Statement Pieces

Oscars Statement Jewelry

With all this talk about Hollywood glamour, who could forget the beautiful jewelry that accompanied the fabulous gowns? Brilliant chokers, dazzling earrings, and jaw dropping rings took center stage with several stars decided to don a single, statement making piece.

White Knights

White Tuxedo

And last, but certainly not least, the men of the hour. Who could forget our dapper men showing up in some pretty handsome white tuxes and suits?

We hope you enjoyed our coverage and that you are inspired by some of the beautifully timeless fashion we saw last night.

Emily & The LGY Team
Louise Georges Yves
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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Great Valentine’s Gifts For Him


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Valentine’s Day can be a tricky one — is your special someone expecting a grand gesture or perhaps just a small show of your big time love? And honestly, it can be tough to find a great Valentine’s Day gift for guys.

The poor guys get a lot of pressure to get us gals something, but what about something for them? Well, you’re in luck. Here are a few easy DIY suggestions and some cute gift alternatives that your guy is sure to love.

1) What guy doesn’t like beer? Whether it’s custom beer mugs, candles, or even this cool take on a lamp, he’s sure to appreciate the sentiment.







2) For the stylish guy in your life, how about a handmade bow ties or some snazzy suspenders? Or if you’re crafty, how about transforming out of date wider ties into the trendier skinny ties?






3) If you’re feeling creative and have a little time on your hands, how about a a notebook filled with pre-planned date and adventures so you’ll never be stumped on what to do. I’m going this route with a “Sun, Moon & Stars” themed adventure that I’ll be sure to blog about.









4) And for the last minute gift giver, how about a custom gift box? You could make your own or select from some awesome pre-made options like a tasty root beer float in a box or a pampering grooming kit.








Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Louise Georges Yves
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Designer

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So Chic — Sochi Inspired Event Design


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To show our support for the 2014 Winter Olympics host city and the amazing athletes who will be gracing the world’s stage, we’ve compiled our thoughts for chic Sochi inspired event design — be it a festive twist for your at home watching party or a Russian inspired prazdnovaniye.

Drawing from Russian folklore, the gorgeous Olympic patchwork quilt designed by BOSCO is meant to symbolize Russian unity while also paying homage to the diversity in local traditions, songs and crafts found throughout the country’s 89 regions. The color palette and textures are phenomenal, and we chose to draw our inspiration from the bright colors, delicate florals and ornamental details it reflects.
Olympic Quilt

Russian folklore and design is full of bright colors and beautiful prints. Inspired by the wood painting style, Khokhloma, these wonderful elements will bring a touch of Russian artistry to your next occasion.

Bright yet delicate floral is another trademark element. Whether its fresh flowers, embroidery or your own personal attire, look to this beautiful design detail for upcoming spring parties and weddings.
Russia is perhaps best know for it’s gorgeously ornamented trinkets and tableware. Whether it’s beautiful Matryoshka dolls, gorgeous Gzhel ceramics or Zhostovo Tea Trays, these decorative artifacts lend themselves to a variety of color palette and design styles.
Sochi_Event.006We take our fur lined ushankas off to the Russians and we can’t wait to tune in and see what is in store on the world’s stage.

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Louise Georges Yves
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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New Year, New You!


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Well it’s the end of January and we can take a step back and see how those New Year’s resolutions are holding up. If you’re like us, your schedule has been nutty and maybe you need a little motivation to take those goals into full gear. And if you resolved that 2014 would be a year of fresh starts, this is the place for you!

Whether you’re determined to be more organized, you’ve vowed to spend more quality time with family or you’ve pledged to take a step back and really appreciate the little things in life; your home is a great place to start. Be it your office, bedroom, or living room, taking the time to cut the clutter and freshen up the scenery is a visual declaration that this year is a new year!

Picture Perfect :: With social media, many of us forget to take the time to display those beautiful moments for the world to see. Or perhaps you’re hoarding a few too many boxes of family photos from years past. Check out these fantastic ways to reinvent your treasured memories and perhaps you’ll get inspired to get out there and make some new ones!
Photo Ideas
Together Time :: With gadgets galore, sometimes it can be tough to take the time to truly connect with family and friends. Try out an hour a day where the living room is a device free zone. And for extra encouragement, get a jump start on spring cleaning and spruce it up with some comfy pillows, a throw or perhaps a new set of curtains. You’ll be amazed by how a little color and texture can transform a space.
Living Room Refresh
Fresh Air:  Whether it’s 70 or 17 outside, why not treat yourself to some fresh flowers, herbs or a potted indoor plant? With online options galore, it really is a snap to bring a fresh breath of outside, in. And what better way to make use of old pots, baskets or vessels that are lying around just waiting to be reinvented?
Indoor Plants
Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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3 Reasons To Check Out Radiant Orchid in 2014


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Every year Pantone declares a color of the year based on current atmosphere and trends amongst the fashion and design communities. This year’s radiant orchid is a fantasy combination of purple, pink, and fuchsia undertones. Here are our thoughts on why this color is destined to be an all-around favorite for 2014!

1. It Aims to Please :: One of the hardest things about planning a wedding, is the pressure of pleasing others while keeping to your personal vision. Luckily, Radiant Orchid is an extremely flattering hue that can stand on it’s own while working beautifully with other shades. And it’s a perfect choice for bridesmaids as it complements cool and warm skin tones.
2. It Plays Nice With Others :: As evidenced by the 2014 Pantone Spring Color Report, Radiant Orchid can be paired with myriad colors to create color stories that range from the subdued (think Paloma, Hemlock & Sand) to the sensational (imagine Freesia, Dazzling Blue & Celosia Orange). Whether it’s floral, linens or light, it’s hard to go wrong with this versatile hue.
3. It’s Fit For Royalty & Oozes Romance :: Purple is equal parts regal and romantic and it certainly adds a hint of magical mystery and a romantic flair to any occasion. Don’t believe us? Check out these fairytale worthy images.

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Louise Georges Yves
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

Last Minute Gift Wrap Ideas


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Looking for some clever and cost effective ways to personalize those last minute gifts?

Check out these clever ideas that turn everyday items into perfect packages that look like a million bucks!

Nifty Knits :: repurpose sweaters or scarves that have seen better days or use sleeves as the perfect cozy wrapping for a bottle of wine.
Sweater Gift Wrap






A Cut Above :: Using buttons, ribbon, trim or hand cut stencil toppers can turn your presents into something more personal.

Ribbon & Trim Giftwrap

Spruce it Up :: Adding fresh foliage such as spruce, pine or cedar combines a festive touch with a wonderfully nostalgic smell.
Fresh Foliage Gift Topper






Personalize It :: Instead of traditional name tags, why not use classic black and white pictures or the initials of the lucky gift recipient.

Personalized Packages






Well that’s a wrap for now and on behalf our team, Happy Holidays!

Emily Louise & The LGY Team
Los Angeles Event Designer, Event Planner & Event Stylist

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